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Tisha is a lifelong athlete, starting with her first love of soccer, through playing college division I softball and basketball. Even with a lifetime of playing sports, she struggled to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle as an adult. She knew where she wanted to be was going to require achieving one milestone at a time. After years of self-learning, Tisha became a certified Personal Fitness Trainer.  Her fitness way of life is straightforward: self-love, consistency, discipline, efficient exercises, and nutrition, leading to a healthy divine you.

Tisha also specializes in Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition, creating custom programming for goals around weight loss, weight management, and building muscle. She is nationally certified by ISSA and E-Cornell University. Her mission in creating Milestone Fitness is to help hold you accountable to move towards your goals, build a mental bridge, and strong connection to your physical self through strength, balance, and flexibility. She is a firm believer that through movement, you feel more confident, more capable, and become proud to show up for yourself.


She looks forward to helping you on your path – whatever your goals may be!

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